$458 million COVID-19 Rent Relief available

Tennessee Housing Development Agency is currently awaiting further guidance from the US Treasury regarding rent relief funds designated as part of the Covid-19 Rent Relief Act of 2020.

Tennessee will be allocated roughly $458 million from the federal government for COVID-19 Rent Relief and Governor Lee has tasked THDA with administering these funds for the majority of the state. THDA is working now to develop a web portal for applicants, establish a call center for application assistance, and prepare an adequate number of staff to review and process thousands of payments to landlords and utility providers.

THDA is working to open the COVID-19 Rent Relief program as soon as is practical. Sign up below to be notified via email when the application portal is live.

**Knox County, Davidson County, and Memphis/Shelby County have chosen to administer their own emergency rental relief programs and residents of these areas will not be eligible for THDA COVID-19 Rent Relief funds.

Find more information here: https://thda.org/help-for-renters-section-8/covid-19-rent-relief?fbclid=IwAR07G4s7sL2xcLdtR2EeeQg4YFQv-N1WQ6MPlqrSO-4v9mV4sVWLZQFFgwA