Bradley House rules: No jammies!

Pictured are River, 10th grader at Coffee County Central High School, Jacob, eighth grader at Coffee County Middle School, James, seventh grader at CCMS, and Ada, fourth grader at New Union Elementary.


The pandemic has disrupted regular school operations, and Coffee County and Manchester City Schools have transitioned to hybrid schedules.

Sarah Bradley’s family is adjusting to the new way of learning, she said.

“Our internet is spotty here this morning, but we are doing our best,” said Bradley on Aug. 13. “I’m beyond grateful for children who know how to go with the flow and are excited to learn. And of course I’m tremendously grateful for the teachers who are taking lemons and making lemonade.”


Bradley’s adjustments and rules

For a productive and smooth learning environment, Bradley has implemented some rules.

“(We’ve made) a few adjustments at our house,” Bradley said.

 “You must be dressed and ready by 7:40 a.m.,” said Bradley.

No jammies!

Use earbuds/headphones when listening to lessons/videos.

Move locations each class period or two.

“We’re finding new ways to spread out and share our space,” she said.

Move your body and take care of personal needs during breaks, not lessons.

If you have something long to read, or a math worksheet, ask mom to print it out.

Check the “To Do” section in Google Classroom frequently and make sure to mark assignments done so teachers can easily see progress.

Absolutely no personal devices during class.

No snacking in Google Meets.

“No one wants to watch that,” said Bradley.

Last, but definitely not least, in case of technical difficulties, do not panic, said Bradley.

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