Community connects through reading

While social distancing is required to curb spreading the virus, the community aims to stay together through online groups and activities. Manchester resident Brandon Imhoff launched a Facebook group called Coffee County, TN Covid-19 Information. Starting Monday, March 30, local educators will read stories to children via Facebook Live.

Imhoff’s goal was to keep residents engaged.

“I organized it for the group I started for the community to connect,” Imhoff said. “(I did it) for the kids, community and to help bring people together in these strange times. With school being out, I thought it would be important to try to help kids get that interaction time with teachers somehow. So, I thought what better way than story time for them through Facebook Live, for starters. I'm also looking at the possibility of some Facebook Live classes and/or tutoring resources in the group.”

Imhoff hopes to offer opportunities for staying physically active, as well. He plans to organize an exercise class via Facebook Live “to help people get up and active, especially with gyms shut down, parks closed and the social distancing going on.”

“Just looking at different ways to keep our community together, socializing somewhat and active in new and different ways,” Imhoff said.

Chastity Crosslin, librarian at Westwood Elementary School, will read Monday and Wednesday, at 7:30 p.m. Jodi Chitwood Amado, first grade teacher at Westwood Elementary School, and her student teacher Alli Shelton will read Tuesday and Thursday, at 7 p.m. Nikki Alonso, teacher at New Union Elementary School, is going to read Friday, at 7:30 p.m., according to Imhoff.

The teachers will be choosing the books, added Imhoff.

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