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Each day it becomes very fearful to watch the News on T.V.  Stories about the Delta Variant covers the entire news broadcast.  Every channel repeatedly has Doctors and Scientist telling all of us how dangerous this virus has become.  I believe the majority of reporters, and news agency, have done a good job in reporting this information?  But not all so-called news channels are telling us the truth. Fox so-called News continues to spew false misinformation and slanted facts about this Delta Virus.

With daily news reports from all the National News Channels, with exception of a couple, the variant appears to be more deadly and growing each day. The virus is spreading rapidly to people who haven’t had their COVID shots. People of mostly southern states have listened to these fake so-called news channels, and their Federal, State, and local representatives, that the virus will go away and mask do not work.

I believe all our state Governors or any elected officials that spread this far right toxic belief that they are smarter than the doctors should be recall from their office. Any Governor that puts in place an order to with holds funds from public schools is nothing more than a dictator.

How many more of our friends have to die before we realize that we need to be listening to doctors not dictators and fools.

This virus has now rapidly spread in all 50 states. Hospital ICU beds are full. AGAIN! Children as well as adults are getting sick and some are dying. This virus is not a hoax and it will someday magically disappear.

I would urge each and every one to go and get the COVID shots. The health department, drugs store, doctor offices, etc. are giving shots daily. Please be a witness to other people that you are doing your part in keeping our children safe. 


Bobby Fanning



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