Employees and family members organize parade for rehab center residents

Employees of Horizon Health and Rehab Center and family members gathered yesterday, April 24, to display love and care for the residents.

“Horizon Health and Rehab had a parade for the residents,” said CNA Lauren Uselton, who has served as a nurse at Horizon Health and Rehab for three years.

About 25 cars participated, and Manchester Police Department provided assistance, according to Uselton.

“I know the residents absolutely loved it,” Uselton said.

Christa Stone, activities director at the center, organized the event to cheer up the residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They did it because we’ve been with no visitors since all of this started,” Uselton said.

Sam Olson, assistant director of nursing at Horizon Health and Rehab, said the parade was “such an awesome activity” for the residents.

“Thank you so much to all employees, family and friends, Manchester Police and Fire Department for helping us make these patients so happy during this COVID-19 lockdown,” Olson said.

Horizon Health and Rehab Center in Manchester is a facility with 72 beds and 41 residents. The organization has nonprofit/corporate ownership, according to nursinghomesite.com.

The center is located at 811 Keylon St.

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