Garcia helps locals start their own business

On Sunday, July 5, Manchester resident Stacy Morales Garcia helped locals with information about starting their own business.


On Sunday, July 5, Manchester resident Stacy Morales Garcia shared advice with locals to help them start their own business. The event was held at the Coffee County Administrative Plaza, with the attendees practicing social distancing.

“After this pandemic we are going through, I realized that many nonessential people were left without work, therefore we also learned about essential jobs and why they are essential,” Garcia said.

“My husband and I own a small concrete and landscaping company – Morales Landscaping and Concrete – and we were fortunate that the work for us did not stop.”

Seeing the difficult times nonessential workers were going through saddened Garcia and she wanted to do something to battle the issue, she said.  

“Worst of all, we don't know when everything will return to normal,” Garcia said. “I decided to help people so that in the future they can get ahead after another situation similar to this one. After thinking about how I can help my community, it occurred to me to make a call to all those who are interested in learning how to start their own business and show them step by step how to obtain their permission and license based on my experience. Since 2011 my goal has always been to help my Hispanic community to grow with the same rights as any other resident of our city. When I started working with Hispanics I wanted to make sure that they understand that if they reside here, they are also part of this city and that we all have to work hard to make Manchester strong and united.”

The topics Garcia covered during the session included: What you need to open your own business; How and where to get your license and permit; The importance of managing your business; Information needed when paying taxes.

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