Manchester Rec Center prepares to host summer league

The Manchester Recreation Center has received guidelines for the facilities regarding Covid-19 from Governor Bill Lee. Now only one league will have their summer season, Manchester Youth Baseball.

“Manchester Youth Baseball’s first games will start Monday, June 8 and play until the end of July,” Manchester Athletic Director Jeff Houck said. “Manchester Girls Slow pitch has cancelled their season. Coffee County Girls Fast pitch has postponed their season until September.  I do not have their exact start date yet.”

The guidelines that were sent from the governor’s office give permission to non-contact sports, in this case baseball and softball, to be able to be played assuming the guidelines are met.

“We are not in charge of these leagues,” Houck said. “We are only in charge of the parks/fields and the guidelines the leagues are to follow. They have boards which have decided on their seasons.”

If you would like to see one of the games this summer, or have a child participating here are the guidelines.

Players, adult volunteers, and coaches will use PPE and avoid close physical contact. Players, volunteers, and coaches must sanitize their hands at the ballpark, and the umpire will ask each participant prior to the game starting.

The touching of shared equipment will be minimized, and the equipment sanitized before the game begins.

Coaches must stay six feet away from the baselines unless they are wearing face coverings, and yelling is also prohibited.

No use of chewing tobacco, sunflower seeds, or gum.

No sharing of helmets, gloves, or uniform items including catcher equipment.

Balls should be replaced every two innings. Those used can then be sanitized and put back into play.

The games will be staggered, and the restrooms will only be used during games or practice.

For spectators, the bleachers should have six feet of space between people except for family groups. Their may be a request for only immediate family for games.

If you have a mask to wear it is advisable to bring it to the games as well.