‘Online learning is better and easier’

Tyler Imhoff attends Criminal Justice II virtually. He has opted for full-time virtual learning.


Tyler Imhoff is in 11th grade at Coffee County Central High School. He has chosen to do virtual learning from home full time.

Tyler said the transition to distance learning has been smooth.

Bradley House rules: No jammies!

“The beginning of the school year has actually been easy so far and not nearly as stressful as I anticipated,” Tyler said. “The hardest part would be adjusting to the virtual learning, using the camera and mic versus a classroom setting – sometimes the audio/video is lagging, but all in all, it has not been bad.”

When the active COVID-19 cases reached 0.5% of the population, all schools in Coffee County moved to hybrid schedule, which means many of the classes are now held in a virtual setting. Tyler opted for virtual-only classes at the beginning of the school year.

“I chose to start the year off in the virtual learning setting,” Tyler said. “We chose this because we anticipated several changes in the learning environment, including ultimately being totally online at some point in the year. We went this route from the beginning to get set into a routine and not to have to be adjusting to new routines as things change throughout the year.”

Tyler said that studying virtually has been very productive.

“For me, and I would anticipate for many other students, the online learning is better and easier,” Tyler said. “There are less distractions during the day and definitely not the drama that comes with the in-school setting. One drawback for me is lack of social interaction with friends.”

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