Peyton Manning surprises UT students in online class
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, students received a big surprise today when Peyton Manning dropped in on John Haas’ Communication Studies Senior Capstone class.
“I realize this a unique time and probably not the ideal way you guys expected to spend your senior year,” Manning said. “I just encourage you to keep a positive attitude, keep doing what you’re doing, and try to take advantage of the little bit of extra time you have to accomplish something else or help out somebody in need.”
“There are a lot people hurting out there during this time. Be thankful for what you have and just know the University of Tennessee is proud of you and is going to support you every way they can. Dr. Haas and his department are going to do the same thing.
Today’s surprise—dubbed VFL Class Crash—is the first in a series of online class drop-ins planned throughout the rest of this semester featuring well-known Tennessee alumni, Vols for Life (VFLs), and other friends of the university.
Watch the video here

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