Precision Engineering manufactures ventilators

Precision Engineering has designed, fabricated and manufactured a portable ventilator to help patients in respiratory distress. The piece of medical equipment can be used in a hospital setting or in the field. Pictured, from left, are Precision Engineering owner Jamey Hyder, engineering manager Dustin Cannon, and marketing director Kyle Ward. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage across the country many supply issues have come to the forefront. Surgical masks, gloves and hand sanitizer are the items most associated with the shortages, but ventilators have also been in short supply at numerous hospitals. To combat this shortage a manufacturing firm in McMinnville has begun making ventilators for local hospitals.

Precision Engineering’s media relations director Kyle Ward said, “In response to the new coronavirus pandemic, Precision Engineering has developed PneuBreath™, a mechanical “bag squeezer” designed to automate control of an AMBU® Bag or other BVM (Bag Valve Mask). In the case of ventilator shortages, PneuBreath may be deployed in a critical care setting to aid in the care of coronavirus patients in respiratory distress. Unlike some other bag squeezers, PneuBreath incorporates a two-cylinder design to mimic the action of a human hand and avoid bag deflection. PneuBreath was designed with robust components for continuous use in a critical care setting and is powered by the hospital’s medical air system, eliminating the need for electronics.”

The entire device is contained in a hard case for easy transport and rapid deployment, he added.

The company has also been making parts to help stymie the shortage of masks as well.

“Precision Engineering is working with a national medical supply company to deliver core parts of an assembly line for the rapid production of N95 respirator masks, a key piece of PPE (personal protective equipment) that protects healthcare workers from COVID-19 infection,” Ward said.

Precision Engineering CEO and Owner, Jamey Hyder says, “At Precision Engineering we want to do our part to help our fellow Tennesseans and fellow Americans prepare to meet this crisis head-on. N95 masks protect those on the front lines of care and PneuBreath™ stands ready in case we see the ventilator shortages that some models predict.”

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