Rapid COVID-19 tests show positive in 5 minutes

At the end of March, Abbott announced the development of a new rapid COVID-19 test on the ID Now Machine. These rapid, point of care tests show a positive COVID-19 result in as little as 5 minutes and a negative COVID-19 result in about 13 minutes, according to Gov. Bill Lee.

The development and implementation of this technology will help states across the country test more people, faster and chip away at the testing backlog. Yesterday, the CDC provided Tennessee health lab with one ID Now machine and 120 initial tests. We are actively working to get more tests and maximize this technology.

In addition to the state lab getting access to rapid, point of care tests, private providers in Tennessee are gaining access to this cutting-edge technology.

American Family Care operates clinics across Middle Tennessee and is deploying the use of ID Now at their clinics and has the capacity to test close to 4,000 Tennesseans. The aggressive efforts of the private sector have helped make our state a leader in testing.

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