School board adopts mask requirements statement

UPDATE AUG. 11: At the Aug. 10 board meeting, the Coffee County School Board approved a statement that requires the use of masks in district facilities, said Director of Coffee County Schools Dr. Charles Lawson. 

"Every effort is being made to provide a safe learning environment for our students and staff. Should a parent feel that their child cannot attend school under this requirement, the district will try to accommodate those students under the parent-choice virtual option," Lawson said. "Applications for the virtual option can be obtained at the Coffee County Schools central office in the Administrative Plaza. Coffee County Schools requests continued patience from our families and our community as we begin our school year in a safe and effective manner."

Mask Requirement Statement:

Coffee County Schools Masks will be required of all employees, students, and visitors under the following conditions: Masks shall be worn in all areas, including transportation, when individuals are not separated by at least six feet. If distancing is greater than six feet, the use of masks is at the discretion of school system personnel (ex: bus drivers, teachers, administration). Documentation will be required for mask medical exemptions. Mask use during extracurricular activities will be under the guidance of the governing body, such as TSSAA. Mask mandate to take effect on August 12, 2020.

The mask guidelines will be reviewed on a regular basis and continuance will be at the discretion of the Director of Schools. 

STORY POSTED AUG. 10:  The Coffee County School Board voted Aug. 10 to adopt a mask requirement statement, to take effect Aug. 12.

Director of Coffee County Schools Dr. Charles Lawson recommended adopting the mask requirement statement. 

Masks shall be worn in instances where social distancing couldn't be followed. There would be medical exceptions, according to the statement. 

The board also discussed including language related to teachers and bus drivers having discretion in enforcing the requirements in certain situations. 

The board approved the statement 5-1.

This story will be updated, and details will be included. 

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