Sonic in Manchester closes

UPDATE MAY 20: Sonic in Manchester will reopen its doors 8 a.m. today. It was closed for deep cleaning yesterday, after an employee tested positive for COVID-19. 

Vice President of Public Relations Christi Woodworth confirmed that a team member of the Sonic Drive-In in Manchester has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and the drive-in closed May 19 for a deep cleaning. 

“The franchisee who owns and operates the drive-in will reopen the location when the health department approves doing so,” Woodworth said on May 19.

STORY POSTED MAY 19: Sonic Drive-In, located at 624 Hillsboro Blvd, Manchester, closed its doors today, May 19.

Allegedly, Sonic in Manchester closed because an employee tested positive for COVID-19.

The Times reached out to Sonic Drive-In Corporate for confirmation.

Company representatives told The Times that Sonic Drive-In Corporate cannot confirm or deny that statement. 

We have reached out to the local store. This story will be updated when local Sonic Drive-In representatives reply.

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