Tullahoma-Manchester most popular area to move to

With the increase in remote working across the country many Americans have began to move away from bigger metro areas like Nashville into towns. According to a Lendingtree study, Nashville has the third most people moving away from the city, and the areas that are the most popular to move to is Tullahoma and Manchester.

According to the study, the share of moving homeowners who relocated to Tullahoma and Manchester was 14.98 percent. Why Nashville residents chose Coffee County to relocate to was not mentioned in the study. Manchester’s proximity to the interstate could be a factor as is Tullahoma’s proximity to Arnold Air Force Base. 

Most popular town for moving Nashville homeowners to migrate to in 2020 was Tullahoma-Manchester, according to the study. 

According to the study, the remote working opportunities may not be around for the long term. What this would mean for the newly relocated is up for interpretation. This could mean that many of the recently relocated would move back or find a job in between such as in Murfreesboro and commute. 

The study also mentioned that for some metro areas many people haven’t moved yet but have considered it. Why the top three areas Cleveland, Minneapolis, and Nashville had their residents decide to relocate is not mentioned.