Early voting begins on Friday, July 13 and ends on July 28 for the upcoming August State Primary, County General and Manchester Municipal elections. Official polls open Aug. 2.

On the ballot for the state is the governor chair, U.S. Senate and House of Representative seats, state executive committeeman and committeewoman and the county school board. 

The county will feature all of the winners who moved on from the May 2 County Primary. Those include county mayor, sheriff, county trustees for all districts, circuit court clerk, county clerk, register of deeds, road superintendent (all seats) and constables (all seats). All parties will be on this ballot – republican, democrat and independent.

Manchester’s Municipal election features three aldermen and three school board members. Here is a look at who to expect on the ballot.

Many of the county candidates will be attending the Times’s and Thunder Radio’s Coffee County Political Forum on July 12. The debate will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Church @117, 117 East Fort St. For a schedule of the debate, please visit https://goo.gl/UnCgmY.

The Times is no longer accepting political letters to the editor for the upcoming election.

Early voters can cast their vote in the Coffee County Election Commission office, 1329 McArthur St., Suite 6. It is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Below is a list of everyone who will be featured on the ballot.



Governor: Republicans Diane Black, Randy Boyd, Beth Harwell, Bill Lee, Basil Marceaux Sr., Kay White; Democrats Karl Dean, Craig Fitzhugh and Mezianne Vale Payne. Current governor Bill Haslam is not seeking re-election.

U.S. Senate: Republicans Marsha Blackburn and Aaron L. Pettigrew; Democrats Phil Bredesen, Gary Davis and John Wolfe. Current senate members Bob Corker is not seeking re-election due to term limits.

U.S. House of Representatives (sixth district): Republicans Bob Corlew, Judd Matheny, Christopher Brian Monday, John Rose, Lavern Vivio; Democrats Dawn Barlow, Christopher Martin Finley, Peter Heffernan and Merrilee Wineinger. Up for re-election is Diane Black, who has her sights set on becoming governor.

The TN House of Representatives (district 47): Republicans Rush Bricken and Ronnie Holden; Democrat Mike Winton. Current representative up for re-election, Judd Matheny, is seeking election in the state government.

State executive committeeman (district 16): Republican Jerry Anderson and Democrats Bobby E. Bush Jr., and Robin Smith.

State executive committeewoman (district 16): Republicans Amanda Angel and Joanne P. Davis; Democrats Rupa Blackwell and Betty Newman. Current committeeman and woman are Bill Green and Frances Arthur.



Mayor: (R) Gary Cordell, (D) David Pennington and (I) Ti­­m Brown

Sheriff: (D) Stephen Graves, (R) Chad Partin

County clerk: (D) Teresa Henegar McFadden, (R) Jenna Amacher

Register of deeds: (D) Teresa Wright and (R) Donna Toney

Road superintendent: (D) Ronnie Dale Watts and (R) Benton Bartlett


Coffee County School Board: Freda K. Jones, Brett Henley, Pat Barton, Steve Jernigan (contesting Barton for district 3) and Sandra Klonaris.


Coffee County commissioners

D1: (D) Nilesh Patel, (R) Helen Debellis

D2: (D) Dan Fleenor, (R) Steven Jones and (I) Jimmy Hollandsworth

D3: (D) Paul Thornton, (R) Todd Crockett

D4: (D) Lee Ellard, (R) Joey Hobbs

D5: (R) Bill Judkins and (I) Bobby Bryan

D6: (D) Pat Carr, (R) Dennis Hunt

D7: (R) Paul Gish and (I) Margaret Cunningham

D8: (R) Emily Powers Howes

D9: (I) David Orrick

D10: (D) Harley Meyers, (R) Scarlett Taylor

D11: (D) Barry E. West, (R) Jim Fielding

D12: (R) Ashley Kraft and (I) Timothy Morris

D13: Michael Lex Ray (I)

D14: (D) Missy Davis Deford

D15: (D) Clifton T. Campbell, (R) Dwight A. Miller

D16: (R) Tim Stubblefield and (I) Marian Galbraith

D17: (D) Jimmy Bradford, (R) Tildon J. Stubblefield

D18: (D) David E. Clark, (R) Barbara S. Buckner

D19: (D) Jackie A. Duncan

D20: (D) Rosemary Crabtree

D21: (D) Gwen Carr, (R) Charles Lynn Sebourn


Road commissioners

D5-6: (I) James Grady Weaver

D7-8: (D) Marshall Qualls

D9-10: (I) Jeff Bush

D11-12: (I) Raymond Duke

D13-14: (D) Richard Harris



D1, 2, 4: (D) George H. Gannon

D5-7: (D) Jerry Lee Brown

D8-10: None found on Coffee County Election Commission official lists

D11-13: (R) David Spry

D3, 14, 16: (D) Danny Davis, (R) James Sanders

D15, 18, 21: (D) Brian D. Coate

D 17, 19, 20: (I) Carl Wilson


Manchester Municipal

Tim Kilgore, Lana Sain and Cheryl Swan are giving up their position as aldermen. Looking to take their places are seven hopefuls: Tammie Fuller, Terence Hillsman, Marilyn Howard, Mark Messick, Bill Nickels, Donny Parsley and James Threet.

For the school board, current members Travis Hillis, Susan Wood and Lisa Gregory are up for re-election. All are looking to keep their positions, but newcomer Prater Powell is looking to upset the status-quo.  

The top three candidates that receive the most votes will be installed onto the board they are running for.