Coffee County Democrats surprised Al Gore on Monday (Sept. 24, 2001). The former Vice President didn’t expect such a large crowd of party faithfuls to show up for an impromptu breakfast visit at Manchester’s Ramada Inn. More than 300 Democrats; including some from Franklin, Moore and Bedford counties, delayed their Monday morning work schedules for an opportunity to talk with the party’s favorite son. Gore, who spent the weekend with his mother Pauline Gore at the family farm in Cartage, was en route to his class at Middle Tennessee State University, where he teaches a class on family-centered community building. Addressing the group squeezed into the Inn’s two dining areas, Gore said the attack on America has galvanized the country. “As we reach out to the victim’s families, we are reaching out to each other,” he said ….. You can continue reading this article (which was published Sept. 26, 2001) in the Manchester Times archives by clicking here. 

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