The last few years were very dark and disappointing times for the Tennessee Democratic Party and the elections of president, governor and senator races and also how it affected the counties and state overall. To say the least it was a very dismal picture for the Democratic Party. Yes it is going to take a lot of work to accomplish this job but it can be done. We are going to have to show the Republicans who we Democrats really are and with change and a new message we can accomplish who we Democrats really are and how we are going to change the thinking of everyone here in the state as a whole.

We are asking each of you who want to see the change by attending the Coffee County Democratic Party March 9 9 a.m. meeting (which is a Saturday) at the Coffee County Administrative Plaza Community Room. Our special guest speaker will be the recent re-elect president of the Tennessee Democratic Party Ms. Mary Mancini. She will give a full in-depth agenda which she will discuss where and what changes she wants to make to move the Tennessee Democratic Party from where it is today to where it rightfully be. Conservative Republicans often refer to the new Democratic Party as socialism but when in reality it is a party of everyone.

There will be question and answer session following the presentation by. If you have concerns or questions related to how Mancini will take the TDP to where it needs to be beginning in 2010 through 2020.

Bobby G. Fanning