I have three questions for our elected officials:

#1: Is a permit required to choose or attend a church?

#2: Is a fee charged to obtain due process if we are charged with a crime?

#3: Can police search private property unless we obtain a government order requiring probable cause sufficient to obtain a warrant?

Of course not: these are fundamental rights, established by God and Natural Law, and protected in writing by the United States Constitution.

Why, then, does the State of Tennessee believe it’s reasonable and lawful to charge fees and issue permits for Tennessee citizens who wish to exercise their God-given right of self-defense?

Criminals will always have access to firearms. They don't obey gun laws. They don't have permits. Chicago, with the strictest gun laws in the country, is the gun violence capitol of America.

While the best thing to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, peaceful, law-abiding citizens with no restrictions on gun possession (i.e.; felons) are subjected to a lengthy, costly process of certification and licensure to exercise a God-given right.

If we need permission to exercise a right, it's not a right.

I urge you, then, to sponsor legislation - during the current 2019 session - to remove ALL permitting requirements for Tennessee citizens to lawfully carry firearms, as is our right to do so.

Tennessee would become the 17th state to level the playing field. Criminals don't get permits; law-abiding citizens shouldn't have to, either.

Thank you for your support of Tennessee citizens and your support for legislation that will send a powerful message to criminals everywhere: Tennessee is about to become the worst place in America to try and commit a crime.


G. Lamar Wilkie