Wow, I can't believe people still quote the Bible to make their point. Do not realize that the bible was written by man over and over again to satisfy the ones in power at the time. Shame on you for promoting hate against anyone. The Islam religion is just that a religion. You never hear their side of the story. Back in time there were villages both Christians and Muslim who got along great. Its people like the letter writer promoting hate that causes the problems. Read about the Crusades from other sources! You might learn something. The problem was all about controlling land and people for their rules only and by then I mean both sides, mostly Christian in my opinion!

People were massacred, raped burned and you name .it just like Israel is doing now to keep their holy land to themselves, Holy, I think not! really all this violence for a piece of land? Jews don't believe the savior has been born yet, Christians believe that Jesus is the savior, Islams believe Mohammed is the savior! It all boils down to control, we don't want inter-marriage, so women are at the forefront of the issue. I'm not going to debate religion, you do what you want as long as you leave others the same. Be happy and be good to others!


Carole Madden

Manchester, Tenn.

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