The federal employees are being held hostage by the Republican-engineered shutdown of federal government for building a medieval wall. This political stunt is not about border security.

President Trump warned that the partial government shutdown could go on for months or even years. The people are rightfully angry that he is holding the government funding.

Unfortunately, both the sides stare down each other. There is absolutely no justification for Republicans for holding federal employees hostage for any foolish disagreement or dispute.

I am surprised that some people still live in delusional Fox News dream world where the medieval wall solve all the problems. How easy it is to breach a wall in a remote area. All the tools needed are readily available at any Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Border security is very important and can be achieved by trained and bigger staff as well as better technology and may be some fencing at strategic places and not by manufacturing political impasse over symbolic wall and temper tantrums.

Is it too much to expect empathy from President for federal employees and families and the businesses that have been affected by this shutdown or showdown?

Republicans had two years to get Mr. Trump his wall and they didn't. In two years, Mr. Trump couldn't get a dime out of a Republican majority Congress for his wall.

There is no political incentive for Mr. Trump or Ms. Nancy Pelosi to blink first. Both are under tremendous pressure from their bases to hold firm. The result is suffering for the people.


Ashok Patel, Tullahoma

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