Presently, some 16 Democrat state attorneys are suing the Trump administration for the national emergency concerning our southern border. So why are the democrats opposed to securing our border?  Pure hatred for the president is no reason to put the security of our country at risk. They seem to care more about the illegal immigrants than they do the common U.S. citizen. Thinking that these are future voters is the main reason. Latino officials have said that when the numbers are there, (when the democrats give them amnesty) they will form their own major political party here in the United States.

Mexico just captured some 25 members of the MS-13 gang in the latest caravan coming up from Latin America. We need to know who is coming into our country.  Some say a border will not work. Fencing and infrastructure alone are by no means enough to stop illegal crossings, but the presence of physical impediments at the border, when supported by manpower and technology, create barriers that make entry increasingly more difficult and sometimes impossible.  A wall will work.

In 2017, Mexicans sent some 26 billion dollars home to Mexico.  That is money that was taken out of the U.S. economy. The drain on our infrastructure is enormous. Free healthcare, free education, and our criminal justice system are all impacted by the presence of some 20+ million illegals. We are a sovereign nation with immigration laws.

A nation without borders, is a nation that loses its culture, its language, and its spirit.


Steve Hicks