To the Manchester Times and to Ron Hart who claims to be a satirist. I have become so tired of his supposed humor which always attacks the democrats. I don't find if funny to "make fun" of them and for the most ungodly reason, why don' you pick on the republicans for a while? Yes, I know this is Republican country if no other reason than to think the republicans are more moral, that’s a laugh!

For example, Elizabeth Warren and her claim to Indian blood. Our family were told all our life that we had some Indian blood in us, just a smidgen like Elizabeth, I was disappointed to find out to the contrary, as I respect the Indian nations and have empathy for their treatment of them, some even using Christianity for the reason to rid the country of them, just another travel sty to reconcile our barbaric treatment.

Why don't you as a newspaper find another contributing editor that has a more pleasant revue of today's politics or at least give both parties equal time.

Or better still fire him!

Carole Madden, Manchester