Manchester is poised to become one of the brightest municipalities in Tennessee in the coming years, and the key person to facilitate that inevitable growth is a City Manager.

We all know the benefits of our proximity to larger communities such as Murfreesboro and Smyrna. Our current government prepared us for this day in a wonderful way that has infused our community with unlimited possibilities and enthusiasm.

As a community grows and prospers, its needs change. What may not have worked in the past may now be both possible and necessary. The resurrection of the City Manager is one such step. This time, it is our responsibility to make sure that we respect a non-political governance that focuses on a future that benefits the greater good.

The essential element for developing ideas for the future is a professional point of contact within our city government. With BOMA supervision, evaluation, and oversight, the City Manager would be tasked with implementing the ideas of the BOMA while at the same time managing the business and responsibilities of the city in a professional manner.

While our objectives for the City of Manchester are shared, we often find ourselves working at cross purposes as we compete for resources and recognition. The right City Manager would help us to sift through these good intentions, create and implement a plan of action, and provide the budgeting and department oversite as we move together towards future economic growth.

With this vote we set the tone for the future of Manchester. We will show our community, the region, and the state that not just our demographics, but also our mindset, is ready to uphold our community values while moving proactively into our destiny as a thriving and growing regional hub. Let’s build the city that ensures our children’s future prosperity.


Bill Nickels, Vice Mayor



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