Recent letters to the Manchester Times defend the policies of the Democratic Party. Let's clear the air.

Democrats have always been the party of hate since they imported Slaves for their use, They fought the release of slaves called the Civil War. The Klan was a democrat invention as was the Jim Crow laws in our very own south. Lynching’s were purely a Democrat act as were the internment of Japanese in the west during World War Two. Truman Nuked Two Japanese cities with unspeakable losses.

Kennedy and Johnson escalated the war in Vietnam sending over fifty thousand to their deaths, not including MY own father born and raised in the Forest Mill community near Manchester. Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam killed him years later.

Democrats now side with rioters and looters and seem to hate police, Soldiers are hated over the enemy in miserable countries they would rather not be in.

Democrats have always been the party of true hate since before the civil war so it's nothing new that all the late night TV shows do nothing but create hate and further hate with their constant barrage against reality and common sense.

It's not surprising most of the South has left Democrats in favor of reality. The Green New Deal? Really?

Richard Cox