A local man lay dying of cancer in your town. Not one local visited him until a man came from Summerdale, Ala., and sat with him 331 days, knowing his past, but also knowing his future. Family members would have nothing to do with him. He died 2:22 a.m., Jan. 25, 2019. No one knew, no one cared. Several weeks were spent trying to find his next of kin. Finally, his sister was found who, in turn, told his daughter.

His daughter came in demanding all that he had. How did she know what he had? She didn’t. She only had pictures to go be, demanding all he had to the man who cared for him. She wanted it back, calling it stolen.

Then she order the caregiver out of the house, demanding everything back. They gave this caregiver $100 after telling him to get out and bringing a Manchester police officer to enforce this illegal conviction.

When that $100 ran out, leaving the caregiver stranded without gas, one fine citizen came by to take a picture, but did not want to hear the story why.

Sir, I am that caregiver who sat when his family and town would not for 331 days without compensation, but spending his own money for the things the dying man needed and not being allowed to take these items either.

Thanks, Manchester, you have shown the world the kind of community you really are.


Jerry Phillips



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