There will be no doubts about my political affiliation. Most Democrats do not think for themselves. Many Republicans, Independents, Socialists and others do not either.

Pelosi signaled the women in Congress to stand and applaud when our president cited newly elected women in Congress.

Our president was booed during his State of the Union address. No president should be booed – Democrat or Republican. This is rude and disrespectful.

Pelosi or Schumer will not go to the Southern border. They are cowards! They must be afraid of the danger.

Neither will they give short speeches which are televised without someone prompting them on what to say. There are Republicans who require the same assistance.

There are vindictive Republicans. There are more vindictive Democrats. Many do not like our president’s method of accomplishing needed things in government. There is nothing “dull” about the presidency. He does get results.

I vote for the person I think is most qualified for the office each is seeking. I have voted for good Democrats. I most often vote Republican.

Let us all unite and re-elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence. America needs them. The world needs them.


Susan Wilson


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