The Coffee County Democratic Party is concerned about anti-Islamic comments made by our elected District Attorney, Republican Craig Northcott.

In a social media post late April 2019, Northcott wrote that the Islam belief system is “evil,” “violent” and is “against Gods Truth.” (You can find this on a FB conversation between the District Attorney and Daniel Berry, Tullahoma Alderman Candidate).

While we absolutely believe in his first amendment right to free speech, the question becomes, can he do the job of a District Attorney without bias and prejudice? That remains to be seen. We call on our voters to keep all of this in mind when it is time to elect a new District Attorney.

America is, and has always been an inclusive country. It is unfair to demonize any religion because it is not exactly like yours.

Amid calls for his resignation, the local Republican Party has chosen to stand with Mr. Northcott and support his actions. District Attorney Northcott has said he will not resign, nor apologize for his actions.

With this, we are calling for an apology to our Muslim friends and neighbors. We also ask that he attend much needed inclusivity training regarding the Muslim community in America.


Harley Meyers

Coffee County Democratic Chairperson


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