The question often comes to mind is what is so appealing to be a Republican versus a Democrat

We have seen the very difference as to how the people act or relate to each other when it comes to political and religious issues. We are all American and adhere to every word in the Constitution that our Founding Fathers set forth and the same that Jesus set forth, but that does not seem to be said in today’s society. Rather, Republicans are much better and better Christians and Americans than the liberal thinking Democrats are.

Democrats love entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, veteran benefits and other entitlements which every American in some case or other enjoy.

Republicans in many ways often say they are giveaways and do not support them, but many Republicans enjoy the benefits that the Democrats love. How many Republicans depend on Medicare, Social Security and the veterans benefits of which every American who served deserves.

What is so appealing about being a Republican? Is it because of the status symbol or because you feel if you are seeking an officer either in county, state or federal government being a Republican over being a Democrat.

Remember one this as found in St. Paul’s letters to the Corinthians, “love is the greatest of all.” We are all Americans and should act the way we should to everyone here in this great country.

Bobby G. Fanning,