As the chair of the Coffee County Democratic Party for several years, I feel I need to respond to the letter in the editor column (Jan. 30, 2019) titled “Stop Nancy Pelosi.”

As it appears from the writer being a Democrat, but his wording seems to reflect more in line what a conservative Republican advocate, rather than the thinking and agenda of what the Democrats stand for and support. Maybe the writer needs to take a review of what he is asking and reflect on what the Democratic Party supports.

Yes, Ms. Pelosi has been amiss in many things over her decade in the House, but she has now become what the Democrats need. Strong leadership, not being afraid to challenge the president, fighting fear and blocking this president on issues, i.e. “The Wall,” that is a wasteful idea only to fulfill one of his campaign promises.

I say to Ms. Pelosi, who is now the majority leader in the House, thank you greatly and the Democratic Party needs to stand with her for what she is getting accomplished since becoming the majority leader again. Well done.

Ms. Pelosi is bringing the Democratic party back to where it deserves to be – a party of caring for the needs of “We the People.”


Jimmie Bradford, Tullahoma