In reply to Ron Hart's last column. Mr. Hart does nothing but twist facts in his editorial. If you read the "Green New Deal", you will find that it doesn't call for Americans to no longer eat meat. It calls for less meat and more vegetables, which is better for the earth and your health. It doesn't call for the abolitionism of air travel, but adding high speed rail which cuts pollution and traffic. Nor does it call for "free jobs" and paying people who "don't want to work.” Only the super-rich are effected by the 70 percent tax rate. The tax doesn't "kick in" until you reach the 11 million income level. Even at 11 million level it isn't 70 percent but increases up to that point. This lie galls me for two reasons. First, the rich are selling average Americans this tax rate story as if it effects them (a flat out lie). Secondly it asks for is go back to the rates of the Eisenhower years, where top earners paid up to 90 percent and our country was at its greatest. Conservatives read this nonsense and don't seek the truth and facts and dismiss the ideas without thought. The saddest thing is that the right is fighting to stop any clean air and water on the planet. Conservative's seems to love destroying the planet, befouling it's air, land and water. Don't conservatives have children and grandchildren? Don't they want to pass on a clean, safe and unpolluted planet to their families?


Mark Santoro


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