An article by Mr. Josh Peterson is very relatable and funny about the social media and smartphone addiction, which shares a soul with us. This is so real, it hurts.

My screen time data analysis is also very embarrassing and alarming. People do not accept openly that they are social media addict. However, most of us have subconsciously become addicted to social media and may not even realize that.

I have tried my own “digital detox” strategies to self-impose non-screen time. Employers should prohibit the use of cellular phones in the work place. Restaurants should also refrain use of mobile phones during the meal.

I wonder why these social media shouldn’t be regulated exactly the same way we regulate the cigarette industry? The social media sites should shut off automatically after one hour of use per day.

I have noticed that no one really cares on social media. Everyone is so preoccupied with their own social media that they don’t remember a thing because they are seeing and scanning so much content without registering anything.

Let us not feel stressed for the entire day, if our ex-schoolmate or coworker does not respond to your friend request. Let us not feel upset when nobody comments on our updates on Facebook or don’t get enough “Likes” on our pictures!

Before it is too late, let us get out, get some fresh air, socialize and meet more friends, read a book or hit the gym.

Ashok Patel, Tullahoma