Many of us are stunned as we witness the changes that are taking place in our government and society. The liberalism that has been pushed for so long has finally “come home to roost.” What began as “political correctness” is fast becoming a type of Nazism. We may not be thrown into prison yet, but a conservative slip of the tongue, a tweet (off the clock and away from work), a picture from long ago and the persecution and loos of job can happen to you.

Even our local school systems have seen fit to allow a support LGBTW club to form at our high schools.

“Why?” I ask, if we can no longer agree to what is good for our students, must we include anything that is connected to sexual orientation at all? What has led us to this place? It can be summed up in one word, “cowardice.”

Historically, the sending of a white feather to come on was a way of accusing them of cowardice. Perhaps it is time for a new “yellow feather” custom where we gift those in power with yellow items (a yellow mark on paper, ribbon, balloons, etc.), who need to be reminded who we are and to have courage. If we do not begin to stand out ground now, it may soon be too late.


Karen Gregory