I am new to Coffee County. I am a resident of another state, only here to caring for a cancer patient.

I do not know who the chair of the Democrat Party is, but whoever it is needs to contact the DNC in Washington D.C.

Nancy Pelosi sounds like she is a mental case. She is destroying the Democrat Party, surrendering to the socialist. She is second in line for the presidency – do you think she is capable of representing your values? She surely does not mine. I am seriously considering changing parties.

I have talked to several here and at home who already have.

It’s not her hatred of the sitting president. She hates America and all of the Democrat party. She is acting like a dictator of the DNC. Every representative seems scared of her.

Use your office, do something before she destroys the party for us all. I’m 82. I won’t be here much longer, but your children will.


Jerry Phillips, Manchester