With the overwhelming amount of rain seen in our county over the weekend of Feb. 23-24 we saw many of our citizens dealing with emergencies in their homes and on the roads.  Even so, Coffee County’s first responders and emergency services were out working around the clock to help everyone who called. 

A special thank you needs to go out to the Coffee County 911 Center, the Ambulance Authority, our Homeland Security/Emergency Management Department, the Sheriff’s Department, the Highway Department and all of our Volunteer Fire Departments.  Their training and dedication to our citizens could be seen in every situation they encountered.

Many of our citizens are and will for a while be dealing with property damage and insurance claims but due to the extraordinary “above and beyond” service by our first responders, no lives were lost and none of our citizens sustained any serious injuries during these storms.

Just as I am, I think everyone who lives and works in Coffee County should be very proud of our first responders and the services they provide.  So, if you happen to run into someone who works in any of our emergency services departments, please take a moment to shake their hand and thank them for all they do.


Gary Cordell

Coffee County Mayor