Thank you, Nancy Pelosi, for being the adult in the room. Thank you for knowing when to speak and when not too. Thank you for being a leader in a time when great leaders are few. Thank you for continuing to support our national security and saving over $3 billion and maintaining good border security.

Now it is time for you to use your experience, leadership and negotiation skills to continue budgetary negotiations. We need your leadership to save Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans Benefits.

Your leadership is needed to negotiate changes to Trump Care so all Americans can have decent healthcare. Your experience will help ensure programs like the National Labor Relations Act, Agricultural Extension Service, Farm Subsidies, Soil Conservation Services, Pell Grants, School Programs, Student Loads, Family and Medical Leave Act, our Military and other benefits and programs are fully funded.

Madame speaker, it is time for a long overdue infrastructure bill to repair our aging roads and bridges. Your skilled leadership and negotiations skills would be critical during the next two years. Thank you, Nancy Pelosi.


Jimmie Bradford, Tullahoma