In response to the Bobby Fanning letter "Where are the democrats" (May 15): the simple answer is the Democratic Party has left average people with common daily concerns in favor of extremes. They have abandoned working, tax paying Americans concerned with keeping their homes and surviving month to month, Democrats are worried that an LGBTQ male teenager cannot shower in the girls locker room. When a riot breaks out the looters and rioters are heroes to democrats while the police are the enemy. Children are going hungry in Tennessee yet Democrats are hand wringing about illegal immigrants several states away. The list goes on and on.

I've been to 49 states in years of travel and the common thread is wherever crime is highest and government dependency is rampant, You will find a large Democratic Party base. See the Hillary Clinton 2016 county by county map of voters for proof.

Tennessee is a deep red state because common sense and real people with real daily concerns vote for the reality in their lives, Not the airhead liberal ideas proposed by democrats.

The Democratic Party has left the people. Pelosi, Schumer, CNN, MSNBC and all the late night show host with the snarky comments are not influential to people with their own mind and intelligence. They look like buffoons playing to buffoons. The Democrats ship is sinking.


Richard Cox

Manchester, Tenn.