Trump wants America to pay for the "wall" that Mexico was supposed to pay for, to make his base feel "protected" from a bunch of poor, scared people trying to leave their dangerous countries. So Trump thinks that by keeping out people looking for asylum, we will be safer.

 Facts show that illegal crossings are down from the Bush II years, Trump thinks a "wall" is going to stop this. Instead of funding a 21st century solution based on electronic surveillance and added border agents, he thinks coming up with a 17th century solution in better.

Not only that, his last shutdown was because we couldn't funding for children's healthcare. At that point, republicans couldn't "find" the $3 billion to care for America's neediest children, yet he can "find" $5 billion for an outdated form of protection for our country.

Add to that the fact that Trump is only talking about the Southern border, leaving the much longer Canadian border to be crossed with no such "wall.” So, Trump wants us to give him $5 billion for his wall, that won't be as effective as an electronic one, that would cost far less just to make his base happy.

Environmentalists have said that a solid or semi solid wall up will have effects on wildlife and environment,. So, Trump want more money for technology from the 1600s, to keep out people who look and talk differently than his base does. Makes perfect sense, or maybe not.

Mark Santoro, Hillsboro