It is with great appreciation to see an article weekly from our Congressman Rush Bricken R-TN (House of Representatives) as to what the General Assembly is getting accomplished this 2019 session and for his weekly update on what they have passed bills and sent them to the Senate.

Mr. Bricken you are the representative of all Coffee County and part of Warrant County who have a diverse of political opinions, i.e. Republicans, Democrats and independents. So why do you in many of your wonderful articles often refer to “We House Republicans,” rather than to say “We who make up the General Assembly” passed these bills? Isn’t the General Assembly made up by Republicans, Democrats and independents or is it just a miss-thought on you to say the House Republicans passed this and that bill? Did not the Democrats and independents vote in support of these bills passed by the General Assembly and not fully and solely by Republicans?

Maybe in your next wonderful articles you could use the words “General Assembly” rather than House Republicans. By doing this word changing you will come across as the Congressman Rush Bricken rather than a hard line conservative Republican who only feels they are right and all the rest are wrong. Remember one thing the Republicans, Democrats and independents are all American and we as Americans should act that way toward each other.

Thanks for being a great congressman.


Bobby G. Fanning