How many of you conservative Republicans remember the wall that the Russians built at the end of World War II in Germany to separate the east and west where the people were separated? What was the result of building this wall called the Berlin Wall and later was taken down by a conservative Republican Ronald Reagan was the hardships and repression placed upon the German people.

Look at what is now in Israel, the wall that separates the people who live in the West Bank, Bethlehem, who work for the Israeli in Jerusalem.

We do not need “The Great Beautiful Wall” that the president now is pushing to fulfill his campaign promise of “I will build a great beautiful wall on the southern border and Mexico will pay for it.” He uses this for the purpose of safety.

The migrants want to enter this country for a better life; they come from third world types of government to better themselves not to take jobs away from the people in the United States. Having resided in the Palm Beach Florida for 25 years what I witnessed was that the migrant were the ones who picked oranges, strawberries, beans, tomatoes and who cut the sugarcane and now it has been recent revealed that our president who wants to build that great wall has had illegal migrants working for him at his plus mansion and estate in Palm Beach at some of his golf courses. The migrants do the work ordinary working Americans will not do and for a very cheap wage.

Bobby G. Fanning