It is deeply concerning what is happening with the thinking and actions  these days from the religious right/moral majority out of Washington today. It is not the standards I would want to forget and support a different standard of thinking.

 Is it is because of one big issue, “the abortion issue” where the politician on the right is anti-abortion or is it that the religious right/moral majority has changed their thinking on their true Christian values? If one were to search the scriptures with reference to the abortion issue, they will not find it. Jesus in his ministry of a new vision to repent, love thy neighbor as you love yourself. This was the message given to all, so what are we doing? It appears as if you are not a conservative Republican and you are not adhering to the message of which Jesus so vividly taught.

Yet another standard is church appearing on nearly every corner advocating the same message, but the same people have been so divided on both the political thinking and true Christian values.

Again I ask the question: what has happened to the thinking and actions of the religious right/moral majority?


Bobby Fanning



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