Since the election of November 2016, I sit and ponder to myself, “where are my fellow Tennessee Democrats?” When you look back to the election of a person with no government experience and the chaotic actions that have followed since that date, and now the elected person stands before the National Rifle Association (NRA) proclaiming that the Democrats were set up a coup to overthrow this president, the Democrats seem moot with reference to this.

Also where are the candidates who ran for election in 2018? It seems they are only Democrats when seeking and elected seat, are they not still Democrats? Yes this state of Tennessee seems to be a very deep red state wasn’t this state in the past Democratic and how many Republicans were Democrats? What has changed the thinking of these so called Democrats turned Republican? When you look at the Democratic agenda is vs the Republican agenda. The Democrats agenda is supporting Social Security, Medicare, veterans benefits, civil rights, minimum wages, 40 hour work week, just to name a few. Have you looked at the Republican agenda and compared the two or have you just relied on Fox News?

Now as we approach the 2020 election are we Democrats going to sit home or we going to be active in voting in 2020 like the conservative Republicans did in 2016 and 2018? Every Democrat needs to get involved if they want change for the betterment rather than the chaotic government we now experience. Democrats go to the polls and exercise your rights as citizens. Remember one thing: you are an American just as the conservative Republicans are.

Bobby Fanning