Married, but no children, her 90 years, him 100 years. God promised a child to them, but Sarah was full of disbelief. At 76 years, Sarah took matters into her own hands. She gave her husband her Egyptian handmaid Hagar to procure a son. She conceived and Sarah grew angry and caused Hagar flee to the wilderness. The Angel of the Lord appeared to her and told her to multiple her seed exceedingly and gave her the name Ishmael for her son. Ishmael is described in Genesis 16 as “And he will be a “wild man,” his hand will be against every man and every man’s hand against him, and he shall dwell in the prominence of all his brethren.”

The Arab People? The Islam Nation, Muslims? “Ashamed” is the seed of this nation.  Ashamed was not God’s promise to them. Fourteen years later, Sarah conceived a child named Isaac by Abraham who was God’s Promise. Reverse the sons as the Promise and you have the reason for most wars! Disagree with their bible and its followers are told to kill all who disagree.

Peaceful religion? Coming to America to become Americans is not their agenda, it is to rule all the World, over America. Dearborn, MI looks like Baghdad, not an American city. This is America, not Islam Nations.

The D.A. spoke truth: where are the preachers? Where are the Americans? We must take America back! Are we followers of Allah of Jesus Christ?


Ray Seckler

Manchester, Tenn.

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