Analytic site Business.org has released data ranking Tennessee number 25 in the nation for teacher pay.

According to the site, "Tennessee ranks #25 for teacher salaries across the US. In Tennessee, the average teacher salary is $56,567." 

According to the numbers, Tennessee teachers make on average  8.6% less than the average salary for all other occupations in the state.

According to Business.org, which compiled Census data an other metrics,  

Since 2010, teacher salaries have dropped  4.4%.

Since 2018, teacher salaries in Tennessee have dropped by 0.5%.  

The average pay for teachers nationally, is $61,430, or –6.7% less than the national average salary.

Washington and Oklahoma have seen a 28% and 11% increase in teacher salaries respectively over the last year.

Virginia has the worst pay for teachers, coming in at a 28% deficit compared to the average salary in Virginia.

New York has the best pay for teachers, making 11.5% more than the average salary. 

The information is only listed at the state level, county and individual listing were not shown. 

Rankings use the average teacher salary to the average salary for all full-time year-round employees in each state. The average teacher salaries were sourced from the National Center for Educational Statistics. The average state salary for all full-time year-round employees came from the U.S Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

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