Adam and Whitney Cutshaw

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Adam Cutshaw:

I met Whitney in 2006, while we were at University. I was on a football scholarship and she was studying photojournalism. She spotted me running off the football field and had one of her girlfriends reach out to me through a fellow teammate.

I admire her desire to honor God and to serve others. She’s always putting others before herself and reaching out with compassion to be an encouragement. I’m extremely grateful for her willingness to follow me anywhere and her steadfast support.

I’ve witnessed her keep her wedding vows time and time again. And watching her daily sacrifice for the good of her children has caused me to love her all the more. I’m extremely grateful she’s not the nagging or complaining type, her willingness to support me and trust me makes me want to love her even better.

As a former law enforcement officer with a varied schedule, a minister with many to serve, plus five children our celebration on Valentines Days have not always been the same. We prefer just to spend focused time with each other, and a good steak doesn’t hurt.

Lastly, what I have experienced in our relationship that has brought stability is three things. Primarily our foundation and cornerstone is built on Jesus Christ. He is true and good and our sure hope in this life and the one to come. Second, focusing on each other’s positive qualities and letting the negatives float on by. And third, not assuming the other is a mind reader but using words to express our wants, needs and feelings.


Whitney Cutshaw:

I knew I loved him from the moment I met him. He was kind, understanding, caring, he wanted to know me for me and I felt he genuinely appreciated who I was as a person. He was unlike any other guy I had known. So considerate, honest, wanted better for me than I cared to show myself. So sacrificial of himself when it came to loving me.

With time, all of the qualities that made me fall for him 15 years ago have only grown with time. All the things I said of him from then, are true today and then some. He provides for us, defends us, leads us spiritually; the way he loves and raises our children is such a blessing to watch. He truly seeks to love and serve God and that translates into him being such an amazing husband.

As you can imagine, with five kids it can be difficult to get away for celebrations of any sort. But he has never not made the day special. Many years, he works all day and I’m home with the children, but he’ll have flowers delivered to the house, he’s left surprises outside our bedroom door for me to find when I wake up if he had to go into work early, and last year he upgraded my handgun; he truly knows how to win and keep this Kentucky girl’s heart.

I am just so grateful God blessed me with such a man. I was in a dark place when I met Adam and he was truly my saving grace. God has been so gracious to me to give me an amazing husband and to sustain our marriage, grow our love and bless us with a truly beautiful family.