James Rick McCoy, Jr., 54, was arrested and charged with the first degree murder of his wife Lisa Jones McCoy, 46. The Duck River Road resident was also charged with tampering with evidence, abuse of the corpse and domestic violence. He is being held without bond. 

McCoy appeared in court for his arraignment hearing on Tuesday, Sept. 10. He is represented by Doug Aaron, a Manchester attorney.

Manchester Police Department received a call around 4:30 a.m. that tipped them off of a suspected domestic situation, said District Attorney General Craig Northcott. Upon arrival to the home, police discovered the victim’s body.

She was shot in the head numerous times. Police believe they have the murder weapon in their possession, but have not disclosed what type of gun was used.

Police discovered that the victim was dismembered.

“He was trying to dispose of the body. In that effort, cut her legs off her body,” Northcott said.

The victim’s body was sent to Nashville for an autopsy.

“[McCoy] was arrested at the home and he did not resist,” Northcott said.

The investigation is ongoing.

This is not McCoy’s first violent offence. He was arrested in 1998 following two counts of aggravated assault, according to police records.

Lisa grew up in Huntland, TN and graduated high school from Huntland High School. According to Facebook, she and McCoy married in 2014. Northcott believes she and McCoy were divorced, but re-married.

She most recently worked as a pharmacy technician., Lisa enjoyed fishing and being outdoors, according to her Facebook.


Past homicides in the area


This is the first homicide case involving two Manchester residents since 2012. Six years ago, Connie King was charged with the first degree murder of her fiancé Thomas Colucci in November 2012. She was tried in court and sentenced to 15 years in prison for the second-degree murder, four years for filing a false report and one year for accessory.

Her estranged husband, Troy King, pled guilty to second-degree murder in Colucci’s death in 2015 and was sentenced Friday to 20 years in a Tennessee Department of Correction facility following Connie’s  plea hearing. Their sentencing took place in December 2017.

In 2014, Summitville resident Gregory Hale was accused of killing Lisa Marie Hyder, 36, of Pikeville. She was allegedly killed in his home on Pete Sain Road. He was charged with first degree murder and abuse of a corpse, and sentenced to life in prison without a parole in a state facility.

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