Common John Brewing Company is expected to open its doors in Manchester this spring.

Owner LeBron Haggard said the construction is not quite completed yet.

“We’re shooting for this spring,” said owner LeBron Haggard. “We’re hoping to open by June – before this year’s Bonnaroo festival.”

According to the company’s website, “the story began in our shop, sitting around the keezer with friends, listening to music, and brewing new and interesting beers. Our passion for the brewing process and the community that is created around a good pint and our favorite playlist led us to take the next big step in the Common John story: introducing our beers to the world.”

Haggard is looking forward to inviting customers to the brewery.

 “We brew the highest-quality craft beer and create an atmosphere in our taproom that makes everyone feel like family. Friends, family, community and beer lovers make up the unique harmonies of the Common John brand. Our beer is never pretentious, always approachable and crafted for enjoyment by the casual beer drinker and fanatics.”

The brewery will be located at 210 Woodbury Hwy, Manchester.

For more information, visit Common John Brewing Company’s website at

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