A Coffee County Middle School bus was hit by a truck this morning. Two student passengers were transported to an area hospital. 

Updated 11:30 a.m. on 12/6:

The two middle school passengers complaining of pain were released from the hospital without any injury. The student driver broke his leg and underwent surgery for the injury in Vanderbilt, according to Director of Schools LaDonna McFall. He is expected to make a full recovery. 


A bus accident this morning left three students injured. Around 7:15-7:20 a.m., a bus carrying Coffee Middle School students was on Matts Hollow Road when a Central High School student allegedly lost control of his truck, according to Director of Schools LaDonna McFall. The truck hit the side of bus 04-25, under where the driver sits. 

"We immediately called for first responders just to make sure our students were okay," McFall said. 


The truck that hit the school bus was driven by a Central High School student. The vehicle allegedly malfunctioned, which caused the accident. 

Two students on the bus were transported to an area hospital due to pain. The driver of the truck was transported to an area hospital by his parents for minor injuries, McFall explained. At this time, McFall did not know which hospital the students were going to. 

"My understanding is that the truck malfunctioned – preliminary, something happened that cause the driver to lose control and he went into the bus," McFall said. 

The childrens' names are not released at this time. 

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