Manchester continues to provide recycling services, limits pickup for large recycling items; Tullahoma City to curtail recycling

Local recycling center CFC Recycling has expanded its operations, officials announced recently. The business recently acquired the Coffee County Recycling facility located at 4478 Old Manchester Highway, in Tullahoma, which will allow the center to expand its cardboard recycling and warehousing business.

The expanded operations began Nov. 23, with CFC Recycling accepting cardboard from industrial, commercial and municipal accounts at the main facility, located at 54 Recycle Drive in Tullahoma, off the new Manchester/Tullahoma highway. The new cardboard recycling is accepted only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, according to CFC’s Cody Cleveland.

CFC Recycling finalized the purchase of the Coffee County Recycling facility Wednesday, Dec. 1, and began renovations to better serve its customers. According to Cleveland, the cardboard recycling drop-off will relocate to the back of the cardboard recycling facility at 4478 Old Manchester Highway. At that time, the facility will be renamed CFC Warehouse.

“This acquisition will help CFC better serve our customers and community by increasing our ability to provide high quality recycling services and products,” Cleveland said in a release. “Our goal is to help ensure a brighter and more sustainable future.”

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