Manchester Police Department

Manchester Police Department has completed an internal investigation after a city employee filed a complaint against Manchester Police Department Chief Mark Yother.



Municipal Court Clerk Tiffany Colwell filed a complaint against Yother on Nov. 4, regarding an incident that occurred about 12:30 p.m. Nov. 1.

Colwell alleged that she and a co-worker were the recipients of sexually oriented comments made by Yother.

She also alleged that Yother has “more than once engaged in conduct that is belittling, humiliating and embarrassing toward her.”

Additionally, Colwell alleged that Yother ordered her to “unlawfully dismiss a city issued citation, and upon her refusal to do so, became the subject of derogatory and unwarranted verbal comments.”


Investigative report

Colwell has been employed as municipal court clerk since Apr. 17, 17.

The investigative report was completed Nov. 12 by MPD Major Bill Sipe per request of Manchester Mayor Lonnie Norman.

As part of the investigation, Sipe took statements from several witnesses, MPD employees.

Sipe also provided a statement in the report, saying he received a call from the complainant’s husband about a “South of the Border” comment made by Yother. Several city officials and Yother were made aware of the complaint and Yother denied that there was any sexual connotation associated with the comments.

Several MPD employees who also heard the comment testified that “South of the Border” referred to the lunch an MPD employee had from Taco Bell.

Colwell also alleged that Yother ordered her to dismiss citations, and the investigative report includes records of those citations.

Colwell stated in the report, “I told (Yother) I don’t dismiss citations, that I had no legal authority to do so and that I could give it to the City Attorney and if the City moved to dismiss it, as they do in some cases, it would be dismissed legally.” Colwell also added, “from my court clerk training from MTAS this could be an illegal act and put the City of Manchester liable.”


City’s response

According to Norman, the report was presented to the Safety Committee on Nov, 19.

“The Safety Committee did not take any action,” Norman said.

Norman added that Colwell continues to be employed by the city, serving as a court clerk. 

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