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Update: State Real Estate Assessment data show that the property assessment as zero.  

The City of Manchester has responded to a Knoxville-area man who has approached the city of Manchester concerning a wedding venue being built on a parcel of land that he owns a portion of.

Wayne Lance, who participated in the development of the hotel and conference center, is seeking compensation for his portion of the land.

The city, however, said in a written statement by City Attorney Gerald Ewell that there is nothing for the city to do.

Ewell writes that the structure in question was constructed in 2017 when the property was owned by the Coffee County PBA and Lance.

He said that Manchester did not own even its one-third of the property until 2020 when the city took over full financial responsibility of the conference center.

Further, Ewell said that the project was performed solely by the Coffee County PBA and the county, and indicated that Lance is barred from legal action because he has not paid taxes on the property in more than 20 years.

“There is simply nothing for the City to do,” Ewell writes.

The Manchester PBA declined to comment.

New owners,

new PBA

In December 2020, the City of Manchester took over control of the conference center through a previously unreleased contract that governs the creation of the Manchester PBA.

The contract says that the “PBA will convey the conference center real estate and improvements one-half to the county and one half to the city…”

The contract specifies that the new Manchester PBA will receive ownership of all non-real estate assets of the conference center.

The city and county are not to charge the PBA rent for the property per the contract.

A quitclaim deed was made to transfer the property. The document, prepared by Ewell, was signed by county PBA Chairman Stan Teal on Dec. 31, 2020 citing approval during a meeting Dec. 11, 2020.

The property was quitclaimed to the county PBA and Wayne Lance on Jan. 29, 2001 for $12,000.

The contract replaces one that expired Jan. 1. The new contract is open ended as long as the conference center meets the terms of operation.

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